NATO Leaders Caught Trying To Cover Up Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing: ‘Don’t Talk About It!’

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EU and NATO policymakers are no longer interested in finding out who was behind the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, the Washington Post reports.

From The Washington Post, “Investigators skeptical of yacht’s role in Nord Stream bombing”:

‘Don’t talk about Nord Stream’

For all the intrigue around who bombed the pipeline, some Western officials are not so eager to find out.

At gatherings of European and NATO policymakers, officials have settled into a rhythm, said one senior European diplomat: “Don’t talk about Nord Stream.” Leaders see little benefit from digging too deeply and finding an uncomfortable answer, the diplomat said, echoing sentiments of several peers in other countries who said they would rather not have to deal with the possibility that Ukraine or allies were involved.

Even if there were a clear culprit, it would not likely stop the provision of arms to Ukraine, diminish the level of anger with Russia or alter the strategy of the war, these officials argued. The attack happened months ago and allies have continued to commit more and heavier weapons to the fight, which faces a pivotal period in the next few months.

Since no country is yet ruled out from having carried out the attack, officials said they were loath to share suspicions that could accidentally anger a friendly government that might have had a hand in bombing Nord Stream.

In the absence of concrete clues, an awkward silence has prevailed.

“It’s like a corpse at a family gathering,” the European diplomat said, reaching for a grim analogy. Everyone can see there’s a body lying there, but pretends things are normal. “It’s better not to know.”

“Intelligence agencies have found no clear evidence that Russia, initially the prime suspect, was responsible,” The Post admitted.

They made no mention of Seymour Hersh’s detailed report fingering the US and Norway for the attack.

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