Biden’s Criminal FBI Will Now Label You A Terrorist If You Use The Terms ‘Red Pilled’, ‘Based’ Or ‘Chad’

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Joe Biden’s corrupt, anti-American FBI Stasi is now calling you a white supremacist terrorist of you use terms like “red pilled,” “based,” or “chad” in you posts on social media.

On Monday, Biden’s jack-booted political police issued a new document used to guide agents on who is to be tagged as an “extremist” in the Biden’s administration’s view.

The document makes to identify “extremists” in the incel movement with a document entitled, “Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremism.”

Per the Daily Signal:

The flagged terms include “redpilled,” first popularized by the 1999 film “The Matrix,” “based,” “looksmaxxing,” and the names “Chad” and “Stacey.”

The FBI also flags phrases that include “it’s over” and “just be first.”

The documents were obtained by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project through a Freedom of Information Act request. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news organization.)

Such words and phrases have come to be code for certain extremists who communicate online with others like them, according to the FBI’s glossary of words indicating “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism” and a list of “key terms” about “involuntary celibate violent extremism.”

According to the FBI document, the word “cell” is short for incel, which in turn is short for “involuntary celibate,” or an online community of men who think they can’t attract women even though they want to be in a relationship.

“Docs we obtained show how @FBI equates protected online speech to violence,” the Oversight Project says in a tweet. “According to @FBI using the terms ‘based’ or ‘red pilled’ are signs of ‘Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism.’”

The FBI continues to find new “extremists” as they similarly continue to ignore transgender mass murderers, Muslims, Antifa terrorists, Black Lives Matter rioters, and envirowackos.

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1 year ago

Just what this country needs more imagined terrorists. To hell with actual terrorists! The FBI has been politicized. The Demoshits are behind all of this. I’ve vowed to never vote for a demo as long as I live.