WATCH: Jason Whitlock Calls For Secession On Tucker Carlson — ‘It’s Time For Red States To Separate’

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While appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Jason Whitlock stated what a growing number of conservatives have been feeling for quite some time — that it is no longer possible for liberals and conservatives to coexist.  Using scripture from the Bible, Whitlock argued that righteous people cannot, in good conscience, continue to live with those who reject God, truth, and reality.

“We can’t really have partnership with them,” Whitlock calmly explained.  “We have to separate.  We have to come out from among them.”

He continued: “Finding common ground is impossible with people who think men can become women… You can’t have peace… partnership” with people who want to mutilate children in the name of the transgender agenda.

“We have to think about going our separate ways,” he added, either through secession or a national divorce.

Here’s the video as posted to Twitter:

Writing at the Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft said the program was shut down five minutes early when Whitlock began to discuss secession from liberal states.

For his part, Whitlock thanked Carlson for having him on the program:

Whitlock, sadly, is right.  Thanks to Biden, the godless Democrats and their allies in the lying liberal media, America has become more divided than at any time since the Civil War.

On one side are those who love America, love and respect the Constitution and the rule of law, remain grounded in fact and reality, love God, and love their families.

On the other side are those who reject God, hate America, hate the Constitution and the rule of law, and seek to kill, mutilate and destroy our children all while turning the United States into a freakshow version of the former Soviet Union.  Anyone who disagrees with them are instantly targeted with deplatforming, censorship, and violence.

There is no way the two sides can continue to coexist peacefully.  One or the other has to go.  Whitlock and others are right.  Perhaps it is best if the two sides simply say “goodbye” to one another and separate in peace.  The alternative is something too horrible to contemplate.

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1 year ago

Love Jason Whitlock! He says what we all are thinking!

1 year ago

I’d be ok with that