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WATCH: Even Stormy Daniels Can’t Say What Crime Trump Committed Against Her

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Piers Morgan sat down with Stormy Daniels for an interview to discuss all things Trump and that interview airs tonight.

In a preview clip released, Daniels is asked if she would get closure to see Trump jailed.

She specifically said, in relation to her, that she doesn’t believe Trump should be jailed for his ‘crimes’ against her. Well that’s probably because there were no ‘crimes’ against her. So yeah, at least she’s honest here.

The rest of her answer is just typical pablum about Trump not being allowed to get away with other crimes if he’s found guilty.

Based on this clip, I doubt this interview is going to be very interesting at all. But I’m sure the garbage media will eat it up if it paints Trump in a bad light.

Also, what is that dreadful outfit she’s wearing?



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1 year ago