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Eric Adams And DA Bragg Are Doing The Impossible… Turning NY Red

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The New York Young Republican Club just held their second protest of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s “heinous attack on President Trump” yesterday morning, April 4th, in Lower Manhattan’s Collect Pond Park. Just like the first event the NYYRC held on March 21st in the same location, the attendees were peaceful. But there were some differences this second time around.

There weren’t 100 people, there were 500. The media, which was highly represented during the first protest, grew in size. And then there was Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene – one of the guest speakers. She said, “To Mayor Adams, as you can see, I’m standing here peacefully protesting. But you called me out by name, while you allow crime in your streets and you send your henchmen down to commit assault against people by making loud noises. Democrats are the party of violence, they’re the party that’s enabled and funded and cheered for violent riots all throughout 2020 and allowed cities to be burned, $2 billion worth of damage, that’s the Democrat party. But we are the party of peace.”

It was difficult to hear Taylor Greene speak. This is because, as she mentioned, there were whistle blowers doing their level best to silence her – because the Left is the party of women. Who was behind the fevered whistle blowers? None other than nut-job Progressive Democrat New York City Council member, Chi Osse. He bragged to an interviewer, “Um, so we hear that Marjorie Taylor Greene is coming to the city. Um, right here, so we brought some whistles to hand out to people to drown her out with some noise.”

It’s important to note that Collect Pond Park was divided into two; the NYYRC held one protest and then there were counter protestors. Ossé went out of his way not only to join a group he dislikes, which should put him on the short list for a therapist, but he went out of his way to sow discord and potentially blow out people’s eardrums.

New York City Mayor Adams should take note. On April 3rd, he gave a presser. Not on crime, which is up 45.40% in a two year period between 2023 to 2021 year to date according to CompStat. He didn’t bring up the Democrat manufactured illegal nightmare he is spearheading that is draining resources funded by taxpayers. Adams ignored the homeless crisis as well as the illegal weed-shops sprouting up like crab-grass. And he certainly didn’t comment on the failure of the educational system he oversees. What Adams did do when he spoke was mislead the public into believing that Republicans are the threat to peace and that Republicans and Trump supporters don’t live in New York City.

Adams mumbled, while flanked by New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell and Deputy Mayor of New York City for Public Safety Philip Banks, “that we send a very clear loud message…if you usually drive or stay (sic) and take public transportation, ah, it is easy to get around on public transportation because we expect some disruptions in (sic) additional traffic, there’s a great deal of additional traffic…and there will be closures near the courts and throughout the city.” Translation, after the DA of one of 62 counties in New York has indicted Trump, residents and commuters are faced with transportation challenges as another glowing byproduct of New York City one party Democrat’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. Moreover, an estimated $200 million of city funds have been spent on disrupting the entire city and mobilizing 38,000 NYPD.

Adams continued, “ Um, while there might be some rabble rousers, thinking about coming to our city tomorrow, a (sic) message is clear and simple; control yourselves. New York City is our home, not a playground for your misplaced anger.”

People in glass houses. Note to Adams, unlike the BLM riots, the NYYRC didn’t bus in dissidents and send out a Batman signal begging for disorder – the one encouraging disorder was creepy Ossé, who should explain if he used taxpayer money to fund his whistle purchase. The NYYRC protest was invite only and extended to its members who reside locally.

Adams either doesn’t know or doesn’t accept the fact that New York City has people that not only support Trump, but a growing number who might not but are putting that aside due to their disgust with the failed policies of local New York City politicians. They repudiate a politically driven witch-hunt they know won’t improve the grim reality of living in the Big Apple under Adams.

Furthermore, New York City residents have lived through BLM protests for three years – yes, they’re still happening. Adams supports BLM and in 2021, entertained leaders from Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, “who criticized his plans to create the new unit and threatened riots and bloodshed if the Brooklyn borough president made good on his word.” The group’s co-founder, Hawk Newsome said, “There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed.” Apparently, there was a disconnect at the meeting because Adams said bringing back the plainclothes unit wasn’t discussed while meeting with the BLM leaders. Newsome called Adams a liar, insinuating he’s playing both sides; “It’s disgusting that a man is knowingly trying to discredit us because he’s embarrassed.”

Why is this important – because Adams is again playing both sides.

The protest organized by the NYYRC was packed with diverse supporters ranging in ages and ethnicity. There were “Blacks for Trump”, “Christians for Trump”, “Mothers for Trump”, “Women for Trump”, “Latinos for Trump”, and the ”New Federal State of China” representatives. Republicans provided an example of what a peaceful protest looks like, committing no violence, looting, arson, assault, or murder, all of which occurred in spades during BLM protests.

In addition to civilian support, there was tremendous media interest at the NYYRC protest, both local and international. Conversely, at the counter protest, those in favor of indicting Trump, situated on the North side of the park had little to no media. Even Ossé didn’t want to hang out with that sorry sack. One can only speculate why there was practically zero media interest in covering them other than they’re boring, unnatractive, and stupid – they’re not camera pleasing.

Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts in Manhattan Supreme Court, charges that add up to 136 year maximum sentence. After the arraignment, Bragg made a statement; “We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conducts (sic).” Anyone living in New York City that hasn’t been victimized by a crime likely knows someone that has.

Prediction; NYC is going to get more red. It will be courtesy of Bragg and Adams.


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1 year ago

We can only HOPE!!!

1 year ago

I lived in NYC for 10 years. Now I would not even go there for a visit.

1 year ago

Too bad I wasn’t the sound man that day. 135db of feedback around 4k would shut them up good