WATCH: James O’Keefe Reveals MASSIVE Criminal Money Laundering Scheme Into Democrat Campaigns

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Late last night James O’Keefe revealed his first story with O’Keefe Media Group and it’s a dozy.

What O’Keefe found was, via public FEC data, the names of senior citizens were used to launder millions of dollars into Democrat political campaigns:

This is not a complicated story at all. O’Keefe would visit the home of a specific senior citizen and reveal to them that, according to FEC data, that they had contributed over $200,000 dollars to Act Blue. The person would say they had contributed to Act Blue, but nothing near that amount.

And these contributions would sometimes be multiple times a day totaling insane amounts of money.

Clearly these people are victims of some type of money laundering scheme to deliver millions of dollars into Democrat political campaigns.

“Both the 2016 and 2020 Democratic presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, used ActBlue during their primary and general election campaigns. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 primary campaigns also used ActBlue for fundraising.”

That’s from Wikipedia on Act Blue’s page. I think the FEC needs to get off their political arses and investigate these contributions via Act Blue.



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1 year ago

Go James!!!
But some of us already knew that, thanks for verification!

1 year ago

Unfortunately this type of corruption is surprising NO ONE. Very sad.

1 year ago

Just another feather in the caps of the crooked commie democrats. America we are so stupid. I hope you all know they have 2024 all lined up for them to win. Just start checking the postal service holding tanks at the end of 2023. They fly the votes in from China and then distribute them all over this country. To say the least if you don’t shut down the postal service we will have Biden for another four years. Even if they have to prop up the brain dead person.

1 year ago

It’s time to defund the Democratic party and use the savings to get our law enforcement back in line.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

FEC will not do sh!t

June VendettiD
June Vendetti
1 year ago

James O’Keefe is good at what he does. If these people are being ripped off by the Democratic Party, I feel sorry for them. Don’t they keep track of their finances? These con artists, or for lack of a better word, abusers of the elderly, should be caught and put in jail.