Oncologist Speaks Out Against ‘Dangerous mRNA’ After Fully Vaxxed Cricket Player Dies After ‘Turbo Cancer’ Diagnosis

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A completely jabbed, young, and healthy cricket player passed away after contracting a sudden “turbo-cancer” that claimed his life just days after being diagnosed.

The end of last week saw Daniel Donnan from Donaghadee, Ireland, suddenly fall ill, according to sources. He was transported to the hospital. He reportedly had a moment of lightheadedness and numbness on one side of his body in the gym.

The 21-year-old was taken urgently to the Ulster Hospital where, despite receiving treatment for a head bleed, testing revealed that the man had tumors that had quickly spread to his brain and lungs. reports: Dr. William Makis, a nuclear medicine radiologist at the Cross Cancer Institute, published a substack over the weekend that raised questions about a sudden onslaught of testicular cancer cases among young, otherwise healthy athletes and other physically fit men.

In Dr. Makis’s piece, he points out a “fact check” that COVID-19 vaccines cause testicular cancer.  The fact check, of course, denies any relation between testicular cancer and the experimental jab, but does concede there were four German footballers in the first league that have gotten testicular cancer since 2022.  Dr. Makis points to another article claiming that number is as high as 14.  He then mentions that it’s also rugby players, skiers, cricket players, and even a 32-year-old military member in California.

Some cases are “extremely rapidly progressive, like this one: ‘late stage less than 2 months from 2nd jab…spread everywhere.’”

Dr. Makis notes that the COVID-19 spike protein is not only is known to localize in the testes, but a woman’s ovaries get 40x more LNP-mRNA over 48 hours!

Perhaps this explains the miscarriages that have surged in the VAERS system since the roll-out of this experimental “vaccine”.

Dr. Makis concludes by asking how long and to what degree does the spike protein continue gathering there?  There is no answer, according to his report, because Pfizer didn’t look beyond 48hrs.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on the problems that have arisen over the last couple of years regarding reproductive health around the rollout of these jabs.

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1 year ago

The scientists need to start working on a cure for the mRNA vaxx poison! Someone needs to go to jail for murder! Does Fauci come to mind?

1 year ago

The AMERICAN PEOPLE need to step up and put an END TO THE SHOTS, OR VAX, AND THE LOUSY MASKS!!!! No I am not a NATZI or anything else!! Just a human being !! And a smart one at that !!! ????????????????????????????