Are There Tunnels Underneath Washington D.C?

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This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.

This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy.

Is there enough proof to say that there are underground tunnels underneath Washington DC? You be the judge of that…


M Metro System Map 2019

Attachment A3 – Geotechnical Data Report

VAT Vibration Report FINAL January 23 2018

Alleged United States Underground Cities Bases and Tunnels Systems

Report Downtown Subway Map 1962:

Accessible Pathways Route 2015 (Architect of the Capitol):

Capitol Complex Tunnel System Map(source):

1968 Map of DC Transit System Inc Routes(source):

Washington Aqueduct Tunnels(source):

ART Location(source):

MAP Washington DC Underground AMTRAK P MARC(source):

Greater Greater Washington(source):

Tunnels and abandoned places(source):

Map Showing Proposed Plan of Underground System(source):

Unusual Spaces – Exploring DC’s Underground Trolley Tracks:

Each day, thousands of residents, commuters, and visitors traverse Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, one of the most historic and iconic neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. Below its well-traveled streets, however, lies a secret unknown to many who pass above 75,000 square feet of abandoned tunnels that have remained inaccessible for most of the last 50 years.

Built in the 1940s to alleviate traffic concerns in the growing metropolis above, the tunnels allowed for trolley cars to pass under Dupont Circle and pick up passengers at two below-ground stations. Following the closure of the DC’s trolley system in the early 1960s, the tunnels were abruptly abandoned. Apart from a brief, unsuccessful venture in the mid-1990s to install a food court on the western side of the tracks, the space below Dupont has been largely forgotten by the world above. In the mid-2000s, a new organization called the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground was formed to pursue a new use for the space as a cultural destination. After years of petitioning, the Arts Coalition signed a five-year lease with the city in late 2014 that will provide an opportunity to test out possible future uses for the space.

For more information about the development of the Dupont Underground:

The Forgotten Tunnels Under Washington DC:

This video is about Washington DC’s mole man, Dr. Harrison Dyar, and the tunnels he dug over the span of twenty years.

What do we know about this Smithsonian bug man aside from his scandalous personal life and his favorite way to pass the time?

What happened to Dr. Dyar’s catacombs in Washington DC?

Are they still in use today?

National Geographic – Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under DC:

A colossal machine called the “Lady Bird” is boring a huge tunnel under Washington, DC, to channel storm water for treatment, keeping runoff out of the city’s notoriously polluted rivers. The $ 30 million machine is named for Lady Bird Johnson, who, as First Lady of the United States, had advocated for cleaner rivers around the nation’s capital.

Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under DC | National Geographic:

More about the “Lady Bird”:

Half as Interesting – The Somewhat Secret Subway System Under the US Capitol:

Tunnel US Capitol to Library of Congress:


Old World Secrets (Washington DC):

In this video, Old World Secrets, we will explore Washington DC, earthquake-induced mud floods, and even a brief segment on Vimanas.

060829 CSO Update October vFIN

LUST Success Story by DDOE Brian Barone:

Capitol Building Tunnel System:

Members of Congress have traveled between the buildings on Capitol Hill for a century hidden from tourists, the press, and storm clouds.





  • Capitol Hill Map
  • Offices and Underpasses Map


This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy.

This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.


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1 year ago

That’s where Biden keeps all the children. Remember when he got in office and all the scaffolding was around the capital? The speculation was then going around thats howhe was going to traffic the kids.

1 year ago

and pretty much every city in the Americas!!!
Child sacrifice is alive in this underground Hell

1 year ago

I worked on under ground subway in DC 50 years ago. There are tunnels every where in DC

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Nothing would surprise me about that shithole of a city…

1 year ago

There is a subway system under the Capital building which runs bewtween the Capital and the three Senate buildings and the five House buildings. I road on it in high school on a trip to DC. You have to be accompanied by someone on the Caputal staff as pasrt of a tour.