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Transgender ‘Woman’ (With A Penis) Files Legal Complaint Against NJ Korean Sauna After Being Denied Access To Nude Women’s Space

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A man who identifies as transgender has filed a legal complaint against a New Jersey sauna over “discrimination” on the basis of gender identity.

Alexandra “Allie” Goebert was denied access to the women’s section of King Spa & Sauna in Palisades Park on the basis of his sex, a move he claims was a violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD).

Goebert, who is a US Army Veteran and law school graduate, filed the complaint to the state’s Department of Law and Public Safety on October 7, 2022 over the incident, which he states occurred last year on August 14. Goebert also is the owner of White Crow Martial Arts, located in Watertown, New York, where he teaches the Korean combat sport of taekwondo.

King Spa & Sauna is a facility inspired by the Korean jimjilbang, a sex-segregated public bathhouse intended for rejuvenation and health benefits. Bathing areas are sex-segregated as they are intended to be used nude. The spa’s website makes specific note of this custom.

“If you are K-spa newbie and uncomfortable being nude, you could skip the bath house. Change to the Spa uniform in the locker room and go straight to the saunas. For bath house users, you must be fully nude,” it advises.

According to the complaint, Goebert was issued a “male token” when he arrived at King Spa & Sauna, “which did not align with [his] gender identity.” Additionally, Goebert alleges that he was asked whether he had undergone genital surgery by a staff member who stated, “Have you changed your front?” to which he replied, “No.”

In accordance with the facility’s policy, Goebert was told he was prohibited from entering the women’s section, where female patrons made use of the hot tubs and wet saunas, because “those areas required nudity.”

Instead, the complaint states, Goebert was told to use the co-ed areas, which required that guests be clothed. Dissatisfied with being denied entry to the area where women were undressed, Goebert complained. The General Manager then issued him a refund and asked him to leave the premises.

According to the legal claim documents, the general manager of King Spa & Sauna is alleged to have failed “to accommodate Complainant so she could use the facilities in accordance with her gender identity.” As compensation, Goebert “requests whatever relief is provided by the law, including, but not limited to, affirmative relief, and compensatory damages for economic loss, humiliation, mental pain and suffering.”

Goebert took to social media to complain about being denied access to areas where women and girls were undressed. In a Facebook post, Goebert suggested he would instead frequent a different facility, Island Spa & Sauna, as an alternative to King Spa. Goebert claims to have reached out directly to Island Spa in one comment, saying, “I have spoken with them personally and they’re trans-welcoming.”

According to admission policies posted on Island Spa’s website, “All guests, including transgender guests, have the right to access the spa in a manner consistent with their gender identity and gender expression.”

The company further implies that any patrons who object to the presence of a man in a women’s section of the spa may be removed from the premises. “We expect all members, regardless of gender identity, to show respect for others so that all members may have a peaceful and pleasant experience.”

“We have a body-positive and accepting environment; respect your fellow bather and help us to create a safe and welcoming environment for guests of all gender, race and body types. Island Spa & Sauna has the right to remove any guest found to be in violation of these policies,” the website states.

The entrance to the women’s bathhouses at Island Spa.

Additionally, rules regarding the bathing area explicitly stipulate that nudity is a requirement: “Bathing suits and clothing are not allowed in the bathing area. Traditional Korean Spas require all guests to be fully nude in our gender separated bathhouses.”

A woman who was a regular patron of Island Spa said that she, and several of her acquaintances, would no longer visit the sauna out of fear for their privacy and safety. The woman, who has requested to remain anonymous, pointed out that Asian women in particular were “horrified” to learn of the self-identification policy.

“It fills me with dread knowing this fetishist is going to be there and we wouldn’t know when. I am never going there again. I am absolutely concerned about other women and girls. My circle is mainly Asian women and everyone was horrified to hear about it. We won’t be going there now,” she said.

“Why should a naked man be in there with the women at all? We don’t care about his gender identity. He can always use the co-ed section. Why does he want to be where women and girls are naked? The spa is used by teen girls, too.”

Island Spa’s admission policy allows access to children over the age of 10 on a regular basis, and hosts “family days” once per month which permit entry to children under the age of 10 years old.

Goebert’s Instagram profile reveals that he follows a range of fetish-related accounts.

Among them are women’s lingerie company Honey Birdette and sex toy retailer Wet For Her. Hashtags followed by Goebert include “lesbian”, “boyinadress”, “menindresses”, and the misspelled “nuedisnormal”, which features photos of naked or nearly-naked women, often in sexualized poses.

On Twitter, Goebert has stated that he has not had any genital surgery, and clarified that he has no intention to do so in the future.

Goebert’s legal claim comes as “gender identity” policies allowing adult men into areas of undress designated for women and children are coming under national scrutiny. This week, news reports circulated revealing that a trans-identified male is facing multiple indecent exposure charges after repeatedly stripping down in the women’s locker room at a YMCA in Xenia, Ohio, including when minors were present.


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1 year ago

That sexual predator doesn’t even make a half assed attempt at looking female. That’s a rapist right there.

1 year ago

These FREAKS need to be black bagged put on a 1way plane ride dumped 100 ft over the capitol of any muslim nation. They know how to help these freaks. No one should self ID biological male to become suddenly and ugly wanna be female.
I am not an MD, DO, DC, DP, DVM, but I have a lot of experience in neutering male cattle to make them into steers. Same method can be used for any male animal.
You get down on all 4;’s like the bitch you want to be, 4 burly guys hold your down, i come up behind you with these 2 bricks and WAP no more balls, balls are crushed and that is it. 9 out of 10 times your dick is still functional, if not then you go and a dr will cut your dick off and so be it. No more male…hardly.
You will be a biological male from the moment HE created you until the day you die.
Cannot change xy chormosones in you dumb ass.
TG FREAKS as useless to all of mankind as demorats, rhinos, independents and globalists (oh shite wait that is 50% of the worlds population. I best put in a new order of BRICKS!

1 year ago

It is so pathetic how the woke crowd has screwed things up so bad. It’s real simple you want to be transgender in sports or any area have a separate category for that. In sports have trans gender for gymnastics or any other sport. Let trans people compete against other trans people. Watch how fast that changes, and they drop out. Same thing for bathrooms have a trans bathroom and let them go in with other people that thing they are of a different sex. If that would happen all this transgender nonsense would end.

1 year ago

I guess the sauna could just let him have his way and risk losing their other patrons. Which seems to be the order of the day everywhere. Normal people no longer have rights in favor of those who aren’t (and often choose not to be so). My religion is going “woker” by the day. If the parish doesn’t totally accept the LGBTQ agenda, it has accepted that they will no longer bless anniversaries, only birthdays. So rather than having to capitulate to blessing gay marriages those of us who believe in a marriage between one man and one woman can opt for a private anniversary blessing or none at all. Why are we always the ones who have to get out of the way for the idiots of our society?

My son, his wife and three children go to the same church we do. They will be going every other week until the end of the school year having found another church they love that is closer to home and without the social politics. Needless to say it’s not of the same denomination. It’s kind of a weaning process in a way and we will definitely miss them when they go. After sitting through sermons lately that embrace the LGBTQ agenda and saying that Conservatives are like the woman carrying the pack of rocks on her back – we don’t like change – my son said he’s had enough. So while our church is not gaining any LGBTQ members, mainly because there is one nearer their community, they are about to lose five members, three of them children.

And if the liturgy changes, which I fear with the upcoming council, we may be looking for another church home also. It seems it has become more important these days for businesses, religions, governments, etc., to capitulate to the social agenda du jour than to value the customers, parishioners and employees that have been faithful to them before all this nonsense started. My husband said he doesn’t go to church for the politics but if they start embracing the agendas in the liturgy he’s out of there too. Unfortunately, since our current church is halfway between our son’s home and ours, joining them at their new church is not a doable deal for us and our current church is not a wholesome environment in which to raise our grandchildren and at the moment they are our focus.

Last edited 1 year ago by Barbara