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WATCH: Gov DeSantis Brilliantly SMASHES Other States Who Can’t Count Ballots In A Day

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Governor DeSantis today criticized states that are still counting the vote from last Tuesday, pointing out all that Florida had to contend with on and around election day.

“How is it that the state of Florida, the Monday before the election we could declare a state of emergency for Nicole, conduct an election, count like 7.7 million votes by midnight, the next morning we’re at the EOC, storm hits, you have washouts of A1A and other parts, we repair that by the weekend and these other states are still counting their votes from the election! How pathetic is that!”

Watch the video below:

It really is appalling that there are still states out there counting the vote. This election should have been over and done with by now, but states like California are still dragging their proverbial feet. They still have multiple districts that are reporting around a 50% vote count and it’s over a week after the vote.

Florida is truly a bright spot in this country. Not the only one by any stretch, but DeSantis certainly deserves to boast give what Florida has gone through in the last week.



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1 year ago

He’s the man!

1 year ago

It’s “COMMON CORE” voting, see how that works?