WATCH: CNN Leaves Audience In Shock After Morning Crew GRILLS Katie Hobbs On Her Excuses For Not Debating Kari Lake

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Katie Hobbs was on CNN’s new morning show today and was grilled over why she refuses to debate Kari Lake.

In another rare act of journalism on CNN, Both Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow refuted the nonsense reasons Hobbs put forth and continued to ask why she won’t debate Lake.


Hobbs claimed, as she has in the past, that she doesn’t want to give Lake a bigger platform to spread her ‘conspiracy theories’. But Lemon told her straight up that not debating Lake isn’t going to hinder her at all, as she can still go on TV and say whatever she wants.

I also loved how Harlow brought up the fact that Hobbs wouldn’t debate her Democratic opponent either, suggesting that there’s a deeper reason why she won’t debate Lake.

Unable to refute their arguments, Hobbs just kept saying that this was her campaign strategy and that’s the decision they made to not debate Lake. But I think everyone on CNN knew that it was nothing more than bull patties.

Watch the video for more…



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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

Actual real reporting by CNN??? Don Lemon? Thats different.