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WATCH: John Fetterman’s Greatest Hits From His Disastrous Debate With Oz Are So Bad That Even Sleepy Joe Is Shaking His Head

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On Tuesday, Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz faced off against Democrat John Fetterman in the campaign’s only debate.  As predicted, it was a dumpster fire for Fetterman from the very beginning.

He started the debate by telling everyone: “Hi.  Good night, everybody.”

And it went downhill from there.

And he wants us to understand that he supports fracking, and doesn’t support fracking.  Or something.  All at the same time.

Then he uttered gibberish when asked about the minimum wage:

Moderator: Small business owners who have told us that if the minimum wage were increased to $15 an hour, it would put them out of business. You have 30 seconds.

John Fetterman: We all have to make sure that everyone that works is able to that’s the most American bargain, that if you work full time, you should be able to live in dignity as well. True. And I believe they haven’t had any businesses. You can’t have businesses being subsidized by not paying individuals that just simply can’t afford to pay their own way.

Moderator: Okay, Mr. Fetterman. Thank you. Mr. Oz. Turning to you.

When asked about inflation, Fetterman rambled about Dr. Oz having 10 mansions…

Fetterman wrapped up the debate by yelling a lie while Dr. Oz gave his closing statement:

When it was all over, we learned that Fetterman impressed… no one.  At all.  Not even Chris Cuomo and Joe Scarborough.

One person suggested:

Works for us.  It’ll be interesting to see how the liberal media reports this…

Keep in mind, Fetterman even had the assistance of a monitor to help him “communicate.”

Afterward, Fetterman’s Comms Director, Joe Calvello, took to the stage to drop “f-bombs.”

“For a guy who was just in the hospital months ago, he took it to Dr. Oz pretty f*cking hard tonight,” he said.

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1 year ago

Fetterman and Biden, separated at birth.

1 year ago

Democrat party is more and more like a circus filled with hustlers,liars and criminals of different degrees

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

This shit show went as well as I thought it would… Fetterman was “a dear caught in the headlights”

Louis Smith
Louis Smith
1 year ago

It is hard for me to believe that there are still people in Pennsylvania that support this fellow.
He wasn’t a good candidate when he had all his facilities.
Now — Holy Crap!