Elon Musk WINS In Twitter Dispute As Company Prepares To Hand Over Reins

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The battle for Twitter is almost over…And Elon Musk has won!

We know this because of a move Twitter recently made. The tech giant recently froze employee equity accounts—something that occurs before a corporate buyout, as stock cannot be traded during such buyouts and mergers.

Twitter would not have done this had the deal not been imminent…

After months of back and forth, Twitter has finally relented and the left-wing establishment will lose control of the platform…

No more censorship, no more bots, and no more election rigging.

Let’s hope that the deal goes through before the midterms. Here are the latest developments:

Yahoo Finance shared this Reuters piece on the deal:

The social media company updated its employee FAQ page this week to alert staff they won’t be able to access or trade shares from the Equity Award Center, according to the report.

The page said the change was done “in anticipation of the closing of the pending acquisition of Twitter by an entity controlled by Elon Musk.”

Trending Politics writes:

Elon Musks buyout of Twitter could potentially restore free speech on major social media platforms and make for a more level playing field for political debate.

That would ultimately prove to be a healthy thing for America’s democratic process.

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