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Trump’s Revenge Is Coming! — Trump Hints That He Will Raid Clinton and Obama When He Retakes The White House

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The dirty Democrats and their corrupt friends in the FBI had better start praying that Donald Trump doesn’t win the election in 2024 because he’s making it clear that he’s going to fight back for their attacks on him.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump suggested that if he won the White House again in 2024, he would seize the opportunity to go after the Democrats for their raid on his home.

Trump, who frequently criticized the FBI while serving as POTUS, gave the impression this week that he would be much less restrained as the 47th president.

And he did it all with his email and social media. When Trump shares social media posts and articles, the world shakes, or at least many-many people pay attention, including all of his opponents.  Trump is masterful at using the media – back on the media.

“Trump tweeted an article in the American Spector that referenced the ‘Fascist Bureau of Investigation’ ‘The Payback for Mar-a-Lago Will Be Brutal’ By GEOFF EARLE, DEPUTY U.S. POLITICAL EDITOR FOR DAILYMAIL.COM,” read a Daily Mail story.

Earle made one little mistake; Trump was banned from Twitter because of his enormous power to get information to the American people.  Trump’s posts were suggesting that ‘turnabout is fair play’  happened on Truth Social and by email from his ‘Office of 45″ press releases.

In a way, Trump has proved- just right there- that Twitter is not as omnipotent as they were believed to be in prior elections.

Back to what was reported:

“Trump hints he’ll raid Clinton and Obama if he retakes the White House, shares post calling the FBI ‘fascist’ and an op-ed saying the Mar-a-Lago raid will get him re-elected after victorious night in Wyoming, The Dail Mail reported Wednesday.  They said that Trump’s Wednesday action warns of the ‘boomerang’ of history by suggesting that future Republican Attorney Generals, may raid homes of Biden, Obama, Clinton, and Comey.”

Trump’s words sent shockwaves through the American public as his supporters cheered him on, and his opponents felt even more like leaving a sinking Democrat Party.

Playing to the panic on the left, Earl wrote something that will likely paralyze the actions of many Never Trumpers, and that is,” Trump signaled that he intends to capitalize on the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid – sharing an op-ed that predicting Republicans might exact vengeance by using law enforcement to go after Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.”

Earle continued:

“Trump shared without comment an op-ed by loyalist and conservative columnist Kimberly Strassel in the Wall Street Journal, whose work he has frequently promoted in the past.

The writer describes a ‘boomerang history of unleashed governmental powers,’ observing that Republicans used a post-watergate independent counsel statute to go after President Bill Clinton in a warning to the party that currently has unified control of the government.”

In an email from his Save America PAC, Trump tweeted the article’s headline: ‘The Payback for Mar-a-Lago Will Be Brutal.’

Strassel was focused on the FBI probe of Trump, which she described as highly political and breaking norms on ‘sensitive’ investigations close to an election, could come back at Democrats if Republicans take charge.

And months of polling that the Democrat’s chances of winning with votes in 2022 and 2024 are not going to be an easy thing for them to do.

‘Mr. Garland’s raid has made even the highest political figures fair prosecutorial game, and the media’s new standard is that the department can’t be questioned as it goes about ensuring ‘no one is above the law,” Strassel reported about AG Merrick Garland.

‘Let’s see how that holds when a future Republican Justice Department starts raiding the homes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Comey, and John Brennan,’ she writes, referencing Obama’s former attorney general, the FBI director Trump fired, and former CIA director who has gone after Trump on Twitter.

Strassel l also wrote that the FBI’s raid could redound to Trump’s benefit, following polls showing an uptick against potential GOP rivals.

‘If anything, perceived political persecution of Mr. Trump could help him to a second term. And he would be even more unrestrained as the 47th president than he was as the 45th. A second Trump administration wouldn’t have the caliber of grown-ups who signed up for the first tour.

Strassel predicts other forms of ‘payback,’ referencing Trump’s first impeachment after he asked Ukraine for dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden during the 2016 campaign.

She also referenced a Hunter Biden probe, which Republicans have already threatened to launch if they take power. Senate Republicans have already produced reports on the president’s son, but only with minority powers.

‘Payback could come even sooner. Democrats set a new low with their Ukrainian impeachment circus, and a GOP House next year might be up for a reprise. Get ready for a few more select committees—perhaps excluding the minority party, as the Democrats effectively did with the Jan. 6 committee—to investigate Mr. Garland’s politicized department or Hunter Biden’s finances.’

‘Let’s see how that holds when a future Republican Justice Department starts raiding the homes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, James Comey, and John Brennan,’ wrote  Strassel in the Trump-endorsed piece.

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1 year ago

IF he dosen’t, hes No friend of the REPUBLIC!!! AMEN