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The Pentagon Announces That They Will REFUSE To Obey Any Law That Restricts Abortion

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The recent overturning of Roe v Wade by the SCOTUS is sending the question of abortions to the states to be decided for each state by their own legislature, as provided for in the constitution.

But there are already actions being taken by private companies to nationalize the situation.

Some companies that operate not in one state but across the nation have spoken up to intervene for their employees, even offering to help with expenses for employees in a non-abortion state to travel to another state for abortions.

Now parts of the federal government are making statements about its intentions pertaining to the overturning of the law.

The same Pentagon that summarily discharged servicemembers for failing to comply with a Covid-19 vaccine mandate has announced it will ignore state laws and suddenly respect the bodily autonomy of female servicemembers, Trending Politics reported.

The Department of Defense dismissed most religious objections to the Covid vaccine mandate and the superior protection provided by natural immunity in order to coercively ‘vaccinate’ servicemembers with mRNA shots that do not stop the spread of the virus Trending Politics continued.

Politico reported that the Department of Defense does not yet have “any policy to announce for accommodating female service members stationed in states that have outlawed abortion,” officials tell NatSec Daily.

“Female troops seeking the procedure already face steep hurdles to getting the care they need: They cannot get abortions at military medical facilities, and federal law also prevents troops from using their Tricare health insurance to cover the cost of the procedures at private facilities, unless the life of the mother is at risk due to the Hyde Amendment,” Politico added.

“The biggest challenge currently is the lack of complete freedom to travel when you want to travel without having to get permission from a supervisor,” former Air Force JAG officer and Southwestern law professor Rachel Vanlandingham said. “Now, women serving here stateside are going to be subject to the whims [of the states] that they are involuntarily assigned to.”

Now, the Pentagon, in opposition to the Supreme Court, has made the announcement that it will refuse to recognize any abortion laws springing from the Supreme Court’s decision that there is no guaranteed right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution, Trending Politics continued.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III issued a statement on Friday regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Nothing is more important to me or to this Department than the health and well-being of our Service members, the civilian workforce and DOD families,” the Pentagon chief announced. “I am committed to taking care of our people and ensuring the readiness and resilience of our Force. The Department is examining this decision closely and evaluating our policies to ensure we continue to provide seamless access to reproductive health care as permitted by federal law.”

Trending Politics reports that the Department of Justice also issued a statement that it will also ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling and state laws that may criminalize abortion provisions.

“Today, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey and held that the right to abortion is no longer protected by the Constitution,” Attorney General Merrick Garland stated.

“The Supreme Court has eliminated an established right that has been an essential component of women’s liberty for half a century – a right that has safeguarded women’s ability to participate fully and equally in society,” the statement continued. “And in renouncing this fundamental right, which it had repeatedly recognized and reaffirmed, the Court has upended the doctrine of stare decisis, a key pillar of the rule of law.”
Stare decisis, however, is not the law. If this were the case, the Dred Scott ruling and Plessy v. Ferguson would be established law.

“The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Court’s decision,” the statement went on. “This decision deals a devastating blow to reproductive freedom in the United States. It will have an immediate and irreversible impact on the lives of people across the country. And it will be greatly disproportionate in its effect – with the greatest burdens felt by people of color and those of limited financial means.”

“But today’s decision does not eliminate the ability of states to keep abortion legal within their borders,” Garland added. “And the Constitution continues to restrict states’ authority to ban reproductive services provided outside their borders.”

“We recognize that traveling to obtain reproductive care may not be feasible in many circumstances. But under bedrock constitutional principles, women who reside in states that have banned access to comprehensive reproductive care must remain free to seek that care in states where it is legal,” he continued. “Moreover, under fundamental First Amendment principles, individuals must remain free to inform and counsel each other about the reproductive care that is available in other states.”

“The Justice Department will work tirelessly to protect and advance reproductive freedom,” Garland added.

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2 years ago

Those that ignore the laws should be prosecuted. That is one way to lead to anarchy.

Ros Feldman
Ros Feldman
2 years ago

It’s bloody difficult to get an abortion now in the military. But all of a sudden they are going to look after the women? Which they don’t even believe exist!!

2 years ago

This is mutiny! Who the hell is the Pentagon to REFUSE to obey the LAW and WHO in the pentagon made that decision???

david russell
david russell
2 years ago

Has “Obeying orders” become passe?

2 years ago

Arrest all those military traitors! Ret US Army