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Florida Dodged A Major Bullet As Top Democrat Gov. Candidate Indicted On Multiple Criminal Charges

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Andrew Gillum came within 38,000 votes of winning the gubernatorial election when he ran against Gov. Ron DeSantis. He was under investigation at the time.

We included the filing posted by attorney Harmeet Dhillon. Basically, Gillum lied, cheated, stole, committed fraud, and was generally corrupt according to the indictment.

After he lost the gubernatorial, he was caught in a drug-fueled sex orgy with a male escort who almost died from overdosing on drugs. He had an alibi that blew up and appeared very corrupt.

Sadly, he has three very young children.

He ran on the anti-police, anti-prison platform as most corrupt people would do. His favorite line was ‘you’re a racist’.

Gillum tried to count non-citizen votes when the ballots came in.

Project Veritas had a clip of one of his employees saying, “Florida is a F* up cracker state” and “you have to appeal to white guilt.” He said Gillum is very far-left and he has to lie to win. The staffer said it’s “not for voters to know” Gillum won’t follow through on his promises. He added that Gillum is “crazy, crazy, crazy” left.

During the campaign, Gillu said Ron DeSantis supports slavery and he called DeSantis and Donald Trump “pigs”.

Gillum, the former allegedly corrupt mayor of Tallahassee, was mayor of the city with the highest crime rate in Florida He has been cited for taking bribes for favors. But if you mention any of that, you’re a racist.

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david russell
david russell
2 years ago

That anyone such as this guy would even be CONSIDERED for public office reveals how tenuous American democracy is. And of course just because he gets convicted of crimes is no reason he STILL can’t be elected. It’s happened in DC. It’s happened just this week in Columbia.

2 years ago
Reply to  david russell

No, it shows how corrupt the Democrat party is…

2 years ago

So, why do we need to know more about this loser. Throw his ass in jail and forgetaboutit. Won’t happen. He is Black don’t you know.