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WATCH: President Trump Just Gave His Best Speech Yet Defending America And Exposing “Explosive” Election Fraud

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In one of his best speeches to date, former President Donald Trump spoke up for American constitutional principles in Florida, not the distorted values pushed by the new Democrats. He also addressed the “explosive” evidence of election fraud in Detroit, Michigan.

Speaking in Amelia, Florida, Donald Trump spoke fervently in support of the Constitution, our Founding documents, and the principle of equality. He rejects equity as defined by the [Marxists] Democrats and emphasized the first duty of government is to defend and protect America First.

“We reject the discrimination and oppression of so-called ‘equity’ and we embrace the eternal principle of equality under the law,” President Trump said.

It’s a temporary relief to hear someone talk about our Constitution. It’s a break from our current rulers apologizing for America and violating our laws.

Brief Clips:

There is staggeringly powerful video evidence of voter fraud in Detroit that recently came out. It appears to show a woman repeatedly putting ballot after ballot in a dropbox (see below). There is evidence of illegal ballot harvesting in several states as described by True the Vote.

It has drawn yawns from the media and politicians alike.

Former President Donald Trump addressed the corrupt voting during a telephone town hall event on Wednesday. The event was to support the candidacy of Matthew DePerno for attorney general.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Trump called the evidence of election fraud “explosive.” He added, “We caught them. And they said, ‘Well, we made a little mistake.’ It wasn’t a mistake at all. It was being caught.”

Matthew de Perno has a case winding its way through the courts regarding the Antrim County irregularities. An appeals court dismissed it but Mr. de Perno will appeal.

As an aside, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has reportedly taken dark money from Mark Zuckerbox Zuckerberg.


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Yeah, so what’s being done about it? NOTHING.