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The IRONY.. AOC Tests Positive For COVID After Hobnobbing In Restriction-Free Florida

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Life can have a delicious sense of irony. After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fled the authoritarian, Covid-ravaged doldrums of the failed state of New York to vacation in sunny, mandate-free Desantistan, it was only a matter of time that her hypocrisy would be exposed.

It turns out that double-vaxxed and boosted AOC has gotten herself a bout of Covid-19. Lo and behold:

Now, it should be noted that AOC is not at risk from Omicron. And even if she were, she’s got the vax, right? She shouldn’t be able to get infected or spread the disease, remember? So it’s hilarious because reality and the narrative are simultaneously coexisting in the Covid-infected person of AOC.

Deny that “science.”

It is vital that we understand why this is such a monumental tribute to the utterly phony narratives put out by the radical Democratic Party about Covid from day one.

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