WATCH: Psaki Says Biden Will Only Take Questions From Reporters If They Ask Approved Questions

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Jen Psaki literally said today that Biden taking questions tomorrow depends on what reporters ask him.


Here’s what she said:

Reporter: “Will he take questions though?”

Psaki: “He takes questions multiple times a week, so it depends on what you ask. It depends on what you ask.”

I’ll take things Trump’s White House would have NEVER gotten away with saying for $1000 Alex. Seriously. The press would have gone ballistic on Trump’s White House for trying to influence reporters this way. They would be screaming FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and calling Trump a dictator for such a move.

What’s so bad about this is that Team Biden already controls the whole Q&A for the most part, giving Biden a list of safe people to call on nearly every time he goes to the podium. Now Psaki is telling reporters if they don’t ask the right questions, Biden won’t be taking questions.



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