WATCH: Joe Biden, Yet Again, Calls His VP ‘President Harris’ While Slurring His Words

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President Biden has again referred to his Vice President as “President Harris”

This time Biden made the ‘blunder’ during a graduation speech at South Carolina State University where he was honoring a leading congressional Democrat, whose endorsement had helped both he and Kamala Harris the nomination.

RT reports: Speaking at the historically black school in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on Friday, Biden told a joke about Delaware State University – another historically black college – and followed up with “all kidding aside, of course President [Kamala] Harris is a proud Howard alum,” a reference to yet another HBC in Washington, DC.

This isn’t the first time Biden has slipped up about Harris. He called her “president-elect” in December, and “President Harris” during a press conference in mid-March. By the end of that month, the White House would change all of the official headers to refer to the “Biden-Harris Administration.”

The former California senator had made a similar slip-up herself, referring to “a Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States,” at a campaign event in September 2020.

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