Frightening: Scientists Develop Microchip Implanted In Skin That Will Give Your Vax Status

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Great news. The fascist vax crowd is getting another tool in their arsenal they can use to oppress us. It’s a microchip that you implant in your arm that has your vax status on it. Hurray!

Seriously though, like these fascists needed something else to try and force us into submission. And after what we’ve seen, you can’t convince me that countries like Australia and states like New York won’t be the first in line to start demanding people get this chip or else they won’t be able to enter restaurants and grocery stores to buy food.

Two years ago I would have thought this to be absurd. But people in power have become absurd and this suddenly looks like something that could easily happen. So get ready for the day when you are refused service because your vax status is unknown because you don’t have the chip.

Also I know what you are thinking. I don’t know if this is that, and would have told you two years ago that there’s no way this could be that. But I must admit this has the potential to be something very bad, so who knows at this point.



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