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WATCH: DeSantis SHREDS Biden And Vows To END His ‘Mass Human Smuggling Operation’ Of Illegals Into Florida

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Last night Governor Ron DeSantis was on Fox News and explained how he and the Florida legislature are going to stop what he called Biden’s “mass human smuggling operation” of illegals into the state of Florida:

DeSantis pointed out that one of the illegals that was dumped into his state by Biden has already committed a murder. He then goes on to explain what he and the legislature are going to do about it:

These are crimes that would not have happened but for Biden’s recklessness. And so our view if they are going to be dumping, we want to be able to facilitate transfer to places like Delaware. So we have 8 million dollars in my new budget to be able to do that.

But we also look to these carriers that the federal government’s contracting with and we’re going to pass legislation that says if you are facilitating Biden’s policies, which is effectively a masss human smuggling operation, you are not going to be eligible to do business with the state of Florida or other local governments. And we’re going to charge you restitution for each individual that you’re bringing. Because yes, there are drugs, there are crimes. But you also have things with health care costs, education, all these services that get taxed because of Biden’s reckless policies. So we have a responsibility to fight back and that’s what we’re doing.

DeSantis also responded to some of these blue states issuing mask mandates over the very mild Omicron virus, saying “if you give these people an inch, they will never let go; they will take a mile…



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