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WATCH: CNBC Wacko Jim Cramer Says The US Gov. Should Use The MILITARY To FORCE Unvaccinated To Get Jabbed

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CNBC’s Jim Cramer has lost his mind. He actually argued today for the government to require mandatory vaccinations and to let the military run it.


Like Swalwell, Cramer is tired of the lawfully unvaccinated. He calls them “incubators for every variant to come” and says it’s psychotic for them to be allowed to just walk around in public.

So he proposes mandatory vaccinations run by the military and says if you have a conscientious objection, then you better be prepared to prove it in COURT. That’s right, no individual liberty for anyone unless the court says you can have it.

And while you are defending your freedom in court, you need to stay at home so you can’t hurt anyone.



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