Calif. University Requiring Job Applicants Swear Modern-Day Loyalty Oaths to ‘Diversity & Equity’

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The University of California at Santa Cruz is screening all its job applicants by requiring them to submit statements affirming their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, according to the Washington Examiner.

In every job posting on the UCSC website, the university admits that the “initial screening of applications will be based” on whether the applicants include a statement of commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

The University of California echoed its Santa Cruz campus’s hiring standards in a longer explanation: “Contributions in all areas of faculty achievement that promote equal opportunity and diversity should be given due recognition in the academic personnel process, and they should be evaluated and credited in the same way as other faculty achievements.”

The university system’s diversity requirements have attracted criticism from members of its own staff. In 2019, Abigail Thompson, a professor of mathematics at UC Davis, blasted the mandatory diversity statements as a “political test with teeth.”

“The idea of using a political test as a screen for job applicants should send a shiver down our collective spine. Whatever our views on communism, most of us today are in agreement that the UC loyalty oaths of the 1950s were wrong. Whatever our views on diversity and how it can be achieved, mandatory diversity statements are equally misguided,” she wrote.

California’s universities aren’t the only schools that have embraced the radical diversity ideology of the Left. Several school districts in Los Angeles and San Diego recently announced they would be getting rid of the traditional letter-grading system in the name of “racial equity.”

These schools will no longer grade students’ work with A-F letter grades for fear these grades contribute to “racial achievement gaps.” Instead, students will be allowed to retake tests and revise essays for better grades, said LA Unified School District Chief Academic Officer Alison Yoshimoto-Towery.

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