Trump Reveals 1st Post-Presidency Book (Just in Time for Christmas…)

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While the Brandon Administration’s supply-chain crisis may ruin many a family holiday, former President Donald Trump has graciously stepped forward to bail out his successor with a gift that he vouches will be ready to ship in mid-December.

Trump surprised his loyal fans by announcing the release of Our Journey Together, a mostly pictorial retrospective of his first presidential term.

The book is available for pre-order via his website, the highlights featured in sample pages are Trump’s visits with British dignitaries, his success in achieving American energy independence and his massive, widely popular rallies.

“Every photograph has been handpicked by President Donald J. Trump,” says the description, “every caption written by him, some in his own handwriting!”

It adds that some of the photographs included have never been seem before.

Copies are available for just under $75, and signed copies for just under $230.

The book’s descriptive blurb promises plenty of other fond trips back to a brief, fleeting moment of American greatness, incuding:

  • building the southern border wall
  • cutting America’s taxes
  • confirming almost 300 federal judges and 3 Supreme Court justices
  • rebuilding our military
  • creating Space Force
  • dealing with Kim Jong-Un, President Xi, President Putin, and many other world leaders
  • battling liberals on two impeachment witch hunts

The website also includes testimonials from Trump’s two eldest children, Don Jr. and Ivanka.

“Every day for four years I worked alongside my father as he fought for hardworking American families as the people’s President,” writes Ivanka. “These photos provide an intimate glimpse of some of the most pivotal moments of his historic presidency.”

Trump - Our Journey Together
Trump – Our Journey Together / IMAGE:
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