Federal Indictment Alleges Iranian Interference in 2020 Election

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Federal prosecutors have revealed a damning indictment which points to the influence of Iranian hackers on the 2020 election, Just the News reported.

According to the indictment, two Iranian hackers successfully hacked into a state computer election system, using information to manipulate election outcomes.

The hackers allegedly stole used stolen voter registration data to hinder Republican Congressmen, Trump campaign officials, and Democratic voters in the November 2020 election.

According to attorney Damian Williams, the defendants “were part of a coordinated conspiracy in which Iranian hackers sought to undermine faith and confidence in the U.S. presidential election.”

Despite much evidence to the contrary, our elites continue to claim that 2020 was a secure and fair election. But as revelations slowly come to light, politicians and citizens across states like Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin have all become increasingly aware of fraudulence in 2020.

In Arizona election audit, 50,000 ballots were revealed to be illegitimate.

“I think one of the biggest takeaways, the bottom line is, is that if you don’t watch over your own elections, people start breaking the rules, they start breaking the laws, they start getting sloppy,” Arizona Senate President Karen Fann said.

Unfortunately, suspicions about election validity undermine confidence in election results.

“And when that happens, it’s really hard to determine really what the election results are, if we don’t follow our rules,” Fann added.

In both Michigan and Wisconsin, investigators have uncovered schemes to coerce ballots out of the mentally impaired, especially those in nursing homes. Their ballots appear to have been stolen and used by others.

Further, Wisconsin — where Biden allegedly defeated Trump by a mere 20,000 votes — a non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau released a sweeping report that accused election officials of engaging in various forms of misconduct.

Among the allegations are complaints of the “inconsistent administration” of laws, troublesome use of new drop boxes, and the ineffective investigation of fraud complaints.

While the report failed to prove large-scale systemic fraud, it flagged over 30 smaller issues with the state’s election execution.

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