U.S. Marine Corps Latest Victim of Leftist Woke Orthodoxy

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Social justice gadflies and their dogma of culturally diverse and inclusive wokeness have managed to infiltrate and corrupt nearly all levels of society, from elementary schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms, and now they’ve turned their aim to the ultimate target: the U.S. Marine Corps.

The USMC recently listed a job posting seeking a “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) adviser with a starting annual salary of nearly $150,000, reported Fox News.

That eye-popping salary is more than double what a commanding officer makes, noted National Review’s Michael Brendan Dougherty, and at a time when international threats are escalating.

“Funny how we’re talking about potentially catastrophic naval warfare in the Taiwan Straights,” Doughtery wrote, “when the US Navy is offering DEI consultants nearly twice as pay much as our ship’s captains.”

The Marine Corps is a part of the Department of the Navy, which earlier this year announced it was creating a Strategic Planning Team to “develop an action plan to promote DEI in department-wide policies, programs and operations.”

“Our military doesn’t just do it for the money, but the money matters,”  Doughtery wrote. “When we’re paying DEI consultants more than commanding officers we ask to go into battle, and offering illegal immigrants settlements far larger than what a family gets after death in battle, we have a problem.”

Well, sure, but a ship’s captain or commanding officer can’t ensure that all “internal and external communications reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or develop tools that “enable shifting the USMC cultural paradigm for diversity, equity, and inclusion,” part and parcel of the new DEI adviser’s duties.

But it has nothing to do with bending a knee to the goddess of wokeness, according to Gen. David Berger, commandant of the Marine Corps, who laid out his vision for a new and improved Corps in his “Talent Management 2030” plan to address its lack of diversity and problems retaining troops.

The Marine’s new direction follows the lead set by the U.S. Department of Defense, which has plunged headfirst into the swampy pool of diversity programs, equality administrators and so-called inclusive social justice trainings.

That deep and destructive dive includes spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on training guides and adviser courses for diversity, equity and social justice, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch. The payoff for all that spending included guides teaching that heterosexuals have “sexual orientation privilege” and that “religious privilege” is an ongoing problem.

It’s no wonder the Corps needs a new, high-priced diversity, equity and inclusion adviser to keep up with all the woke counseling, guiding and teaching mandates coming from the Department of Defense.

The next obvious step will come when the Corps is forced to change its iconic recruiting mantra to a new and improved motto: The Few, The Proud, The Culturally-Sensitive, Equity-Inclusive, Sexually-Fluid Marines.

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