Dems Plan to Double-Down on CRT, Race-Baiting Rhetoric for 2022 Midterms

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A report from far-left Business Insider suggested that Democrats are going to emphasize Critical Race Theory in the 2022 midterm elections, despite the success that opponents have seen in mobilizing concerned voters against it, according to National File.

The report also suggests they will become even more hostile toward parents trying to defend their children from indoctrination in the public school system.

Democrat strategist Jesse Ferguson said the party needs to fight “relentlessly” on this issue.

“Voters run from the Republicans when Democrats peel back the onion on what these claims really mean,” Ferguson said.

“It’s not just that Republicans want a bigger role for parents in education, it’s that Republicans are willing to let white supremacists write curricula,” he continued, claiming that Republican plans to tackle the anti-white policy would “put politicians in charge of the classroom and white supremacists in charge of the curriculum.”

Given how well this worked in the recent Virginia Governor’s race—in which Republican Glenn Youngkin gained a 9 point lead after McAuliffe made similar arguments for CRT—conservative commentators were delighted.

Some pointed out the hypocrisy of the leftists, who less than a week ago, claimed that Critical Race Theory was not being taught in schools.

Finally, there were those who poised a question:

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