Telemundo Calls Aborted Babies ‘Product’ When Discussing Texas Law

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Language like this has become common vernacular among abortion advocates, who commonly refer to unborn children as clumps of cells, blobs, and now, “products.”

Berlanga plowed past this slip of the tongue to question the future of similar pro-life bills:

“And what experts now question is,” he said, “if the law is blocked, whether others will give up on their attempts at similar laws; but for it to be blocked this time, one of the judges of the Supreme Court would have to change his position to the decision made a week ago.

“And, it is believed that the most vulnerable one to do so could be the conservative justice Brett Kavanaugh,” he opined, “who is more sensitive to public opinion, and to the image that the highest judicial power in the country is giving the population.”

The newfound support for justice Kavanaugh is a surprise, given his highly criticized entrance into the court.

The cases surrounding the Heartbeat Bill—Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson and United States v. Texas—are ongoing.

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