Biden Chief of Staff: U.S. Better Off Now Than a Year Ago

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Biden chief of staff Ron Klain on Sunday claimed that things in the United States have vastly improved compared to this time last year, National File reported.

Klain made the claim during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Well, look, I do think, as I said Jake, things are a lot better in this country than they were a year ago, with regard to COVID, with regard to the economy, but we have a lot of work left to do,” Klain stated—presumably referring to newly signed the Build Back Better bill.

Klain also addressed voters’ growing disapproval with the Biden administration and Democratic leadership, yet again downplaying and deflecting from the root issues.

“I think voters are in ‘show me, don’t tell me mode,’” he said.

While many would argue that plummetting poll numbers were a repudiation of government overreach, Klain emphasized the need for government to restructure the lives of average Americans.

“I don’t think they really care as much about what I’m saying on TV, or what you’re saying on TV as much as putting results into their lives,” he said.

Despite rejecting the notion that Americans don’t care what he says on TV, Klain concluded by restating his claim about America’s improved condition.

“Things are a lot better in this country than they were a year ago.”

In fairness to Klain, things have seemingly improved for America’s democracy-loathing elites—especially rootless global financiers—over the past year.

For example, Mark Zuckerberg dodged a few major scandals while launching his new “metaverse,” which will, in his view, alter the nature of government.

But for normal Americans, things have mostly gotten worse.

With a crumbling supply chain and massive inflation, the Biden administration is scrambling.

As prices on international consumer products continue to rise, Americans may have to look elsewhere for their well-being.

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