Cher Mocked After Virtue-Signaling, Woke Tweet Riddled w/ Bizarre Errors

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Cher appealed to twitter to “judge her heart not her stats” after a tweet filled with an astounding amount of errors, Twitchy reported.

Twitter users reacted swiftly and negatively to the 75-year-old pop star.

After such an extreme reaction Cher wrote another tweet defending herself:

People were, once again, amused and confused.

The “I Got You, Babe” singer and ex-wife of late Rep. Sony Bono, R-Calif., may be wishing she could “turn back time” on her most recent gaffe. But it is by no means her first.

In fact, Cher has become a popular source of social-media stupidity, including her pledge—which she never made good on—to move to Jupiter if then candidate Donald Trump were elected president.

It’s possible that the Oscar-winning actress is still trying to figure out what continent it’s on.

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