Homophobe Joy Reid Promotes Pornographic Books in Schools

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MSNBC blabberer Joy Reid and former RNC chairman Michael Steele teamed up to promote Toni Morrison novels in schools while trivializing the teaching of CRT, Summit News reported.

According to the leftist duo, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s campaign of “book banning, anti-blackness, [and] anti-history” has given Republicans a model for encouraging racism. They also disparaged parents for trying to keep pornography out of schools.

According to Steele, “all those parents worried about pornography in the literature” should know that “kids ain’t worried about pornography in literature.”

Though Steele rightly suggested that parents “better take your son’s phone and take a look at what that bad boy is downloading.” Further, he added that parents “better go to that school dance and see what they out doing out behind the school, baby.”

The notoriously homophobic Joy Reid suggested that Republicans’ desire for porn-free schools is also anti-LGTBQ.

“I was going to say it’s openly an attack on books that have to do with slavery and race,’ Reid said. “But it’s also a very sideswipe attack on the LGBTQ community too; ’cause they keep on saying pornography because that’s the other piece of what they want to get rid of.”

Despite her alleged dedication to promoting woke culture from her mainstream media post at MSNBC, Reid has long engaged in homophobic rants against political opponents.

A Twitter user with the handle @Jamie_Maz uncovered the old blog posts.

At the time, Reid claimed that the blog posts were the work of hackers and “part of an effort to taint my character with false information by distorting a blog that ended a decade ago.”

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