Obama Raged at White House Doc Who Criticized Biden, Current WH Doc Praised for Dissing McConaughey

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In a petulantly partisan upbraiding, former President Barack Obama blistered his own former White House physician for having the temerity to notice that President Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is beginning to negatively effect his presidential performance.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) has a unique perspective on what physical and mental demands are required of the nation’s chief executive. He served as White House physician under the administrations of Obama and former Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump. 

After watching the 79-year-old Biden stumble and mumble his way through a speech earlier this year, Jackson criticized the president’s performance.

“That was embarrassing,” he tweeted. “There is something so obviously wrong with Biden’s cognitive fitness it was hard to watch. He should NOT remain President for another SECOND. We deserve better – MUCH better.”

That valid criticism didn’t sit right with Jackson’s former White House patient. For expressing his medical opinion, Jackson said he received a “scathing” email from Obama, reported the Daily Wire.

“He just tore me up,” Jackson said. “It was unbelievable.”

“An entire page about how disappointed he was in me and how it’s beneath me as a physician and beneath me as an officer in the military to be attacking Joe Biden like this,” the doctor explained. “And it was a betrayal of the trust that he and his administration put in me and he was so disappointed in me and yada, yada.”

Contrast that with the White House’s current top doc, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who is being lauded for lecturing actor Matthew McConaughey for sharing his skepticism about vaccine mandates for kids.

“Look, you and I are both parents,” Murthy said when CNN’s Erin Burnett asked what he would tell McConaughey for daring to defy leftist dogma.

“We know there is nothing more important than the safety of our children,” Murthy said. “And so, if you are a parent out there and you have got questions, that’s okay to have questions. You know, you should ask your questions. You should get them answered.”

On that front, Murthy couldn’t resist a final jab at McConaughey,

“My thing is,” he pontificated, “I really want to make sure people get them answered from credible sources.” 

Unless, of course, it’s from somebody like a physician who has served three different presidential administrations and is concerned about the mental acumen and cognitive abilities of our current commander-in-chief.

That guy gets ripped by a former president who was his former patient.

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