Did Gosar Go Too Far in Sharing Tweet about Killing AOC?

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Twitter slapped a warning label on a tweet by Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., that appeared to spoof a Japanese anime showing him and other pro-liberty Republicans vanquishing radical leftists including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY.

President Joe Biden was also among those featured with their faces superimposed over cartoon characters.

Twitter kept the post up, citing “public interest”—although that seemed to suggest yet another inconsistency in its controversial “community standards” that have come under criticism as other tweets presenting accurate information about election integrity and the coronavirus have been swiftly removed.

Nonetheless, the tweet sent “AOC” into a tizzy en route to the Glaswegian climate junket where globalists have been negotiating yet another spending spree—this time to shovel money at Third-World nations in return for having them outsource their dirty work to non-participating countries like China.

The socialist “Squad” leader accused Gosar of Nazism and of making death threats, and of veiled racism and sexism, even though none appeared to be present in the parody.

All are common tropes that are recurrent in her rhetoric.

After Ocasio–Cortez and five other radical progressives voted against a so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, upon which Democrats have pinned all hope of political survival, some in her own party have turned against her recently.

Yet other radical anti-American Democrats, including China-compromised Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., missed no opportunity to attack his colleague across the aisle in response.

The outrage seems to be the latest example of a double standard from the Left, which remained entirely mum over violent images directed at former President Donald Trump.

B-list celebrity Kathy Griffin notoriously lost her career after posing with a mask that appeared to be Trump’s decapitated head. But others were simply shrugged off.

During Trump’s second successful impeachment acquittal, his lawyers played a video compilation that featured high-profile public figures such as Madonna and Johnny Depp fantasizing publicly about committing acts of violence.

Democrats have likewise become unhinged even at a popular chant being directed against Biden.

After the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme spontaneously emerged, and its more obscene “F*** Joe Biden” counterpart, leftist media pounced, calling it a white supremacist dog whistle among other things and repeatedly attempting to censor the innocuous chant.

However, they were far more indifferent about campaigns involving slogans like “F*** Trump,” which were even considered at times to be considered part of haute couture.

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