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WATCH: Police Officer Breaks Down Into Tears After Being Forced To Fatally Shoot Woman Who Opened Fire On Them

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A police officer breaks down in tears after fatally shooting a 19-year-old woman who reportedly opened fire on the officer, according to a video shared to Twitter.

After fatally shooting Briana Sykes at a Juneteenth march in Michigan, the unidentified officer collapsed to his knees and clutched his face in his hands. Another officer goes over to offer him consolation. That officer pats the upset cop on the back, who then collapses on the ground, sobbing.

The officer, who works for the Flint Police Department, audibly expresses his anguish.

“No police officer looks forward to using fatal force,” a Michigan State Police spokesperson told Fox News. “The emotional impacts of an incident such as this are far reaching.”

An unidentified witness told Fox 2 Detroit that there were children at the parade and the officer appeared to be justified in his shooting.

The incident unfolded around 2:14 p.m., when the officer was directing traffic during a Juneteenth Celebration Parade, Michigan State Police said.

The officer could be heard multiple times yelling, “let me see your hands” before shooting at the vehicle.

Preliminary investigation shows the officer was fired at before returning fire and fatally striking Sykes, according to police. It is unclear why Sykes allegedly fired at the officer.

The officer has since been placed on administrative leave, according to Fox News.

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