New Woke DC Universe Is Making Superman Gay

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The newest Superman running in the DC comic book world, which is actually the real Superman’s son, John Kent, is being made a homosexual by the writers at DC:

IGN – The comic book industry has worked to increase LGBTQ+ representation in recent years, and DC is taking a major step forward in 2021. IGN can exclusively reveal that the current Superman, Jon Kent, is coming out as bisexual in the upcoming Superman: Son of Kal-El #5.

For those not up to date on the current DC line, Jon officially inherited the mantle of Superman from his father following the events of the Future State crossover. While Action Comics explores Clark Kent’s adventures off-world, the recently launched Superman: Son of Kal-El focuses on the 17-year-old Jon as he grapples with the biggest responsibility of his young life. But at least he has someone new to share that life with.

Fans of the series probably won’t be surprised to learn Jon is entering into a relationship with Jay Nakamura, a hacktivist who idolizes Jon’s mother Lois and has already lent his new friend a helping hand. And as this image shows, the two friends will become something more when they share their first kiss in issue #5:

He’s not just kissing a male reporter, new Superman is entering into a relationship with him. Ugh.

DC is doing everything it can to ruin everything. They’ve done it on their TV shows, making Supergirl’s sister and several other characters gay, and now they are doing the same thing to the original Superman, making his son gay.

This is nothing but LGBT indoctrination and it’s disgusting. I’ve completely abandoned shows that I would have continued watching because of this and you can be sure I won’t be going anywhere near the latest DC comics.



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