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WATCH: Catholic Archbishop Warns The World That Pope Francis Is Helping To Usher In The ‘Great Reset’

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According to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Pope is “not a neutral spectator” but is actively assisting to usher in the “Great Reset.”

Archbishop Vigano recently said in an interview with Robert Moynihan that Pope Francis is a participant in a nefarious worldwide conspiracy.

The “Great Reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, as conceived by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, is an plot by the world’s elite “to drastically reduce the global population, dismantle the free market, and erase all borders.”

Pope Francis is an active partipant in the plot Vigano explained in the interview:

“It matters little whether the cooperators of this plan are pharmaceutical companies or high finance, philanthropic organizations or Masonic sects, political factions or corrupt media: all of them, aware of it or not, collaborate in the work of the Devil.”


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