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WATCH: INSANE Left-Wing Whackjobs FILM and HARASS Kyrsten Sinema As She Uses The BATHROOM, Then BOAST About It As If It Was A ‘Victory’

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Some utterly insane Left-wing radicals filmed themselves as they stalked and harassed Senator Kyrsten Sinema as she went to the bathroom.  They then proudly posted the video online.

There are no words to describe it. I’m not sure what drove these psychopaths to do this, to record themselves doing it, to distribute the video online, but to do all of these things and be DEFIANTLY PROUD of what they did.

Remember how Democrats and the media couldn’t stop whining about “civility” and “bullying” because of TWEETS like 20 minutes ago?!?!???

Their hypocrisy on that subject has already been well-documented, and this is just another opportunity to demonstrate it.

Here is the insane tweet from the lunatics who did this to a LIBERAL, FEMALE, LGBT, DEMOCRAT UNITED STATES SENATOR. Just imagine what they’d be willing to do to you.

Look at this skeevy pervert. If you have Twitter, do be sure to let him know what you think.

Same for this jackass:

These people are threatening a Senator. In person and in tweets. Here’s how to respond:

This is what the left has turned America into already. How much farther will we let them take us before we do something about it?



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