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WATCH: Dr. Fauci’s Latest Comment Is The Scariest So Far — ‘You Must Give Up Your Rights For The ‘Greater Good”

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Dr. Anthony Fauci just uttered what is possibly the most freighting thing that I’ve heard him say thus far.

When speaking about vaccine mandates, Fauci says that people need to ‘give up their personal rights’ for the “greater good”. Of course, we assume, it’s the job of The Importants, such as Saint Fauci, to decide for us what is the “greater good” because we peons couldn’t possibly decide what’s best for ourselves.

There was a concept, once upon a time, that some dudes talked about, where government’s job was to SECURE your rights, not SUSPEND them. And that securing of rights was considered the public good.

But now we have a modern “greater good” that’s subjective, a phrase designed to permit any old Democrat who happens to have the opportunity to simply issue decrees, having no consent of those governed by the decrees, which can be enforced by the weight of law and force.

That’s the essence of the covid regime and it’s the Fauci Doctrine in toto.

This man who has neither a mandate nor interest in protecting the freedom or liberty of American citizens has been appointed the Czar of Revoking Rights. His consent comes from CNN and MSNBC, and the millions of brainwashed masses torn apart by their lies and put back together all jumbled and misbegotten. With the power of culture mafias and the press, he continues to decide the fate of every other American. He says it on TV and Biden’s administration makes it so, at peril of snotty comments from Brianna Keilar or Joy Reid.

Make no mistake. It’s Fauci’s world. We’re just “living” in it. … For now.

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