WATCH: A Pro-Abortion Activist’s INSANE Comment In Hearing About Texas Pro-Life Law Reveals Just How Sad Our World Has Become

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A pro-abortion activist made the most ludicrous and sickening comment during a House Democrat hearing on Texas’ new pro-life law, and it probably won’t surprise you at all.

Maleeha Aziz begins by saying, “I have no regrets about either of my abortions,” before trashing crisis pregnancy centers. And while that is heinous, it isn’t the most ridiculous thing she said.

Aziz then makes this claim:

And I just wanted to acknowledge that a lot of people are being left out of this conversation today. Because as we know, people get pregnant and not just women. But I hear people over and over again saying women get pregnant. But that’s excluding people that should be a part of this conversation.

Seriously? Her problem isn’t that babies are being killed, but that people who “aren’t women” are being excluded from the fight to kill babies.

If you have been following the culture of politics recently than I’m sure this is no shock to you, however it is still thoroughly and completely absurd.




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