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Democrats Prove They Are COVID Hypocrites: Block COVID Testing Mandate for Illegals Because ‘They Have Rights’

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Democrats have, again, proved that they don’t actually care about the spread of COVID and that they are purely political actors.

On Wednesday, House Democrats rejected a bill that would have required illegal immigrants crossing the border to take a COVID test.

“Today, I offered my REACT Act on the House floor, which would require DHS to give a COVID test to everyone crossing our border illegally,” Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the author of the REACT Act, tweeted.

“The majority chose to block this commonsense bill that would ensure the health and safety of border patrol and border communities.”

Miller-Meeks said on the House floor regarding her bill, “I have traveled to the US-Mexico border twice this year.” I chatted with the heroic men and women serving in Customs and Border Protection, as well as the physicians stationed there, on both journeys. I seen directly the catastrophe they are going through. I feel it is our job as a Congress to address this and assist our officers.” reports: Miller-Meeks first introduced the REACT Act in March of this year, but House Democrats blocked it then, too. Since its introduction, more than 950,000 illegal immigrants crossed America’s southern border, yet Democrats in the House nor President Joe Biden will admit the gravity of their border crisis or its impact on the health and safety of Americans.

As Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas himself admitted recently, the 15,000 migrants who crossed illegally into Del Rio, Texas, did not get tested for the Wuhan coronavirus before being released into the United States, nor were they subject to vaccine mandates.

In her floor speech in support of the REACT Act, Miller-Meeks also reminded her colleagues of a report from the DHS inspector general that urged more be done to prevent the border crisis from becoming more of a health crisis:

To quote directly from the report: ‘CBP does not conduct COVID-19 testing for migrants who enter CBP custody and is not required to do so.’

The report further stated that: ‘We recommend DHS reassess its COVID-19 response framework to identify areas for improvement to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while balancing its primary mission of securing the border.’

Currently, everyone legally entering the United States by plane is required to display a negative test for COVID-19. Why aren’t we requiring this of those coming illegally?

“Numerous public health officials, including myself, have said that the failure of US authorities to test adult migrants for the coronavirus in overcrowded border processing centers is creating a potential for new transmissions, including among migrants who may have arrived healthy at America’s door,” Miller-Meeks continued.

The Democrats’ double standard on the Wuhan coronavirus prevention plan is blatant. Democrats on Capitol Hill and in the Biden administration are enacting vaccine mandates for legal immigrants and requiring tens of millions of Americans who work for the government or private companies to get vaccinated, but they are turning a blind eye to the public health crisis that is brewing along our southern border.

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