WATCH: Fox Warns Massive Haitian Caravan Is Heading North To Invade US Border

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Fox News has confirmed with Mexican officials that a large number of Haitians are in route to the southern border from South America.

According to Griff Jenkins, roughly 2,000 Haitians are presently enrolling for work permits in Tapachula, Mexico, in order to stay there until they can continue their journey to the southern border.

However, near the end of the video, Jenkins reveals that Mexican officials have confirmed that another 15,000 or more Haitians are on their way up from South America, and that Mexico is building a football stadium to aid with the situation.


Here’s a map screenshot to give you an idea of where Tapachula is and why these Haitians would be staying there for a short while before making the long and difficult journey toward the southern border:

Who can blame these Haitians for following in the footsteps of the previous 15,000 Haitian illegals? They’ll travel to the border, set up camp near the Del Rio Bridge, and Biden will just allow them into the United States to avoid the politically damaging spectacle. Because Biden is a weak and cowardly president, these illegals are manipulating him to the point where the American people will pay the price.



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