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WATCH: Elderly Australian Woman Viscously Beaten And Pepper-Sprayed By Police During Peaceful Lockdown Protest

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Melbourne police brutally assaulted and pepper-sprayed a frail elderly woman in her 70s on Saturday for the “crime” of attending a peaceful lockdown protest.

The woman can be seen holding an Australian flag and standing on the road facing a group of approaching cops in a disturbing video. The helpless woman is then violently shoved by a police officer, who sends her crashing to the ground. As she lay injured and motionless on the ground, another officer pepper-sprayed her in the face.

Videos of the attack from multiple angles went viral on social media this weekend, with thousands of Australians accusing the Melbourne cops of police brutality. reports: Australian MP Craig Kelly called the attack “despicable,” “disgusting,” and “ILLEGAL,” and tweeted, “This is not my Australia… We cannot accept Police in Australia pushing to the ground an unarmed 70 yr old woman (or anyone) who presents no threat & then have 2 officers pepper spray the unarmed, defenceless person in the face while on the ground.”

Former New South Wales Senator David Leyonhjelm also condemned the attack, calling the officers “gutless,” while journalist Ky Chow wrote“I’ve watched several videos of this, and it’s hard to see how the Vic cops defend this.”

Several other incidents of violence between police and protesters broke out during the protest in Melbourne on Saturday and 235 people were reportedly arrested.

Melbourne police were also caught on camera pepper-spraying dozens of other Australians who were involved with the “unauthorized protest.”

Both Melbourne and Sydney have experienced repeated protests over the past few months in response to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in the two cities. In August, a man from the state of Victoria was sentenced to a maximum of eight months in prison for helping to organize a protest in Sydney, New South Wales.

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