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Dem. Chairman Of Foreign Affairs Committee Calls Afghan Withdraw A ‘Clearly And Fatally Flawed’ Disaster — ‘There Must Be Accountability!’

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Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, told Secretary Blinken that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he supported, was “clearly and fatally flawed” and that there must be accountability:

Menendez also made clear that he was not happy that Defense Secretary Austin refused to come to the hearing, saying that “there has to be accountability” and threatened to subpoena Austin in the future should he refuse another invitation:

I know all of this goes without saying at this point. But when you’ve had leaders like Nancy Pelosi proclaiming that Biden did a great job on his Afghan withdrawal, it’s important to point out that other Democrat leaders recognize, at least to some extent, just how badly Biden destroyed Afghanistan and all the work the US put into it over the last 20 years. Menendez, for all of his major flaws, at least has a shred of integrity and decency and won’t promote the same rubbish that Pelosi is touting.

In that same vein here’s Obama’s Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, saying that Afghanistan is now a national security threat and Biden needs to take responsibility for his mistakes:



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