Gallup Releases Poll Claiming 20% Of Unvaccinated WANT To Be Banned From Society

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According to a new Gallup poll, nearly one-fourth of unvaccinated Americans support barring themselves from flying and one-fifth support banning themselves from going to work, staying at a hotel, dining at a restaurant, and attending activities with large crowds.

“Per Gallup, 20%+ of unvaccinated people want themselves banned from doing things,” columnist Phil Kerpen commented on Twitter.

Here’s how Gallup’s “senior scientist” Frank Newport, Ph.D. tried to explain away the comically embarrassing results:

The relationship between vaccination status and attitudes about vaccination requirements, however, is by no means perfect. As seen in the accompanying table, between 20% and 32% of Americans give seemingly contradictory opinions — vaccinated people who say there should be no vaccination requirements to do these activities, and unvaccinated people who say there should be.

The notion 20-25% of unvaccinated Americans want to be banned from leaving their home is not “seemingly contradictory,” it’s directly contradictory.

On the flip side, people who took the shots not wanting to have an Orwellian vaccine passport control grid rolled out for everyone isn’t contradictory at all.

Your poll is comically stupid and your analysis of it is even dumber.

This is about as clear as it gets that Gallup polls are worthless garbage which are published to shape public opinion and influence government policy rather than reflect what the public actually thinks.

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