WATCH: Looters Take Advantage Of Hurricane Ida To Get Free Stuff — Smash ATM’s, Liquor Stores And People’s Homes

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Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida wreaking devastation in New Orleans, looters were caught on camera breaking into ATMs, taking cases of beer, emptying a Dollar Store, and more.

On Monday, Brett Adair of Live Storms Media used a drone to catch a group of looters in the act in the St. Claude neighborhood:

Lots of other stores were also hit up:

People’s homes were also targeted:

Remember, according to the AP’s stylebook these are not “looters” but instead “protesters” who “stole.”

“Some peaceful protesters entered into a store that contained alcoholic beverages and took loaves of bread (hidden in cases of beer) to feed their starving children.”

I remember watching a news report a little while ago (I can’t find it because Google decided to break their site) about a rural fellow stealing some goods from a store during a similar crisis and leaving behind enough money to pay for it.

No doubt that happened here as well!

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