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WATCH: Jennifer Griffin Embarrasses Biden Over His Claim That He Will ‘Hunt Down’ ISIS-K Terrorists Who Killed Americans

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Jennifer Griffin appeared on Special Report tonight and completely demolished Biden’s assertion that he will track down the ISIS terrorists who murdered 11 US Marines and one Navy medic.

Griffin wondered how Biden planned to “hunt down” these terrorists given the facts on the ground:

The notion now that they are going to hunt down ISIS and that they’re going to find those who carried out this attack…it boggles the mind.

The people they would have relied on to do that kind of work – hunt down the terrorists – they are now cowering, hiding in basements, in safe houses because they can’t get to the airport to safety.

All of our partners, they’ve either left the country or they’re in hiding…and the Taliban has lists of their names, going house to house looking for them.

So I don’t understand how you’re going to have over-the-horizon capabilities and intelligence and be able to find the ISIS networks you couldn’t find for the last 20 years in the next coming days, by Tuesday, which is your self imposed deadline for leaving.

Griffin underscores her comments about the near impossibility of Biden finding these terrorists, saying “the intelligence network just dried up when the US military closed Bagram Air Base and they pulled all the CIA bases out. They don’t have an intelligence network anymore because all of those people who helped the US government are in hiding.”

I’m hoping she’s wrong, but I don’t see how. At the very least, Biden has completely destroyed any intelligence network we had in Afghanistan by allowing the Taliban to seize control of the entire country. Because of Biden’s hasty and regressive exit, no one is left to conduct the arduous task of discovering out where these ISIS networks are within the country. From one side of the equation to the other, Biden has screwed this up severely.

Trump gave him a stable Afghanistan and Biden completely ruined it by abandoning the Afghan forces. And the worst thing about all of this is that Biden will end up leaving Americans stranded to the Taliban because of his utter and breathtaking incompetence.




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