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WH Official Reveals Chilling Info That Jill Biden, Not Joe, Is In Charge Of Afghanistan Decisions

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OANN reporter Jack Pesobiec has dropped a scoop from a highly reliable White House source that is quite chilling.

Joe Biden, according to the sauce, was unsure about keeping the August 31 timetable for leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban “red-lined” it and told him he had to leave, but Joe could have escalated things and brought in the big guns and told the Taliban what was up… and that’s exactly what our European allies wanted him to do, because we couldn’t possibly get all of these innocent people out of Afghanistan in seven days.

It’s simply not conceivable, and no one believes it is.

But Joe stunned the globe when he decided to follow the Taliban’s orders rather than call in the “US big guns,” and the world watched in terror.

Joe, you’d think, doesn’t want another “battle” to erupt on the ground, where US forces could be killed.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about their lives; it’s just that he doesn’t want the negative political fallout.

Now, according to Jack’s WH source, Joe decided to remain with the date because Jill persuaded him to do so.

“Biden wasn’t sure if he should keep the Aug 31 deadline or not but Jill convinced him he should stick with it, per WH official”

So it seems it’s Jill Biden that’s running the show. Of course we all knew Joe wasn’t mentally capable of running things, but we had no idea who was actually making the calls.

I know 81 million people didn’t legally vote for Joe Biden, and I also know that not a single person legally voted for Jill Biden, so why is this unelected housewife, who knows nothing about global policy, making such decisions in a scenario that is a total and utter disaster?

Not to mention the lives that are at stake and the people who may be killed… what exactly is going on?

I’ll tell you what, if this is true, and anything goes wrong – which we know it will with BumblingJoe at the helm – Jill Biden will have blood on her hands.

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