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WATCH: BIDEN vs REALITY Clips Contrast Joe Talking About ‘Friendly Taliban’ vs HORRIFIC Video From Kabul Airport

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On Saturday, the Pentagon briefing on the situation in Afghanistan was a complete farce. The general and his spokesman, Kirby, had no idea what was going there, not even what the American Embassy there was telling them about the airport. The White House is an even bigger farce, with Ron Klain attempting to dunk on reporters on the premises and Biden’s speech looming over everything like the ghost of death.

So let’s compare this clip of Biden paints a rosy picture of peaceful gates and passport checks….

To this horrific video from the actual situation at the Kabul airport.

* * * [CONTENT WARNING] * * *

Checkpoints for passports? Joe, what exactly are you talking about? Do you suppose Americans will just stroll up and wave their passports, and someone will say, “Right this way, sir, would you like to visit the First Class Lounge today?”

This is insanity.

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