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Hell Has Frozen Over: CNN Host Trashes White House Spox For Biden’s Massive Failure And Preparing To LEAVE PEOPLE BEHIND In Kabul

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This isn’t something you’d expect to see on CNN. In fact, it’s almost never the case. This morning CNN host Brianna Keilar grilled White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield on what they are doing to get our people out of Afghanistan. 

I realize that’s 7 minutes of CNN footage you probably don’t want to see, but trust me when I say this one is different. Keilar is dead set on learning what the Biden administration is doing to get our people out, and he won’t let Bedingfield shift the subject.

A couple of points to mention:

First, they STILL don’t know how many Americans are in Kabul, according to Bedingfield. Given the number of Americans who have contacted them about getting to the airport, you’d think they’d know by now. She also pushes the nonsense that this is all part of Biden’s pre-planned effort to get people out of there, that the chaos was orchestrated or something. It’s all lies.

Second, I like how Keilar points out that the British and French are going into Kabul and retrieving their people, but we are not. She’d like to know what Biden is doing to get our people out of the country. And all Bedingfield keeps repeating is that Biden is “laser focused” on helping Americans who want to leave. She actually said, “who want to get out.” Who in their right mind wants to live under Taliban rule?

Keilar saw through the lies and accused the White House of actually stating that they are willing to leave people behind. Bedingfield only reiterated what she had already stated, namely, that they are working to get everyone who wants to leave out. To put it another way, if you really want to leave, you’ll find a method to get to the airport.

Last but not least, it was reported yesterday that the Biden administration hoped to transfer 6,000 people out of Kabul by last night. However, Keiler begins the video by stating that only 3,000 passengers have been released in the last 24 hours, implying that there are plenty of empty seats on these military cargo flights. What this truly indicates is that, contrary to our expectations, people are not making it to the airport. It’s not surprising, given that we keep seeing videos and hearing stories that the Taliban is breaking their promise to enable Americans to travel safely to the airport.

The Biden debacle continues. He’s so desperate that he’s going to deliver another speech today, claiming that it’s all part of some grand plan. It won’t be until later this afternoon.



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